Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Five reasons for growing together

1. Interdisciplinary Training

Tourism and especially Geography are interdisciplinary sciences. We help students to take advantage of the full potential of each of the disciplines involved in each area and to solve complex problems critically, creatively and innovatively.

2. International Laboratory

Campus Vila-seca is in the heart of a prestigious holiday destination, which is also a diverse territory undergoing profound changes. It is a laboratory for testing solutions with an international view in the fields of tourism and geography.

3. Professional Career

Teaching is focused on practical knowledge. We collaborate and count on the support of institutions and companies to provide work experience and professional integration for our students, who have the opportunity to try different ways of applying their knowledge and focusing their professional careers.

4. A team of guarantees

The Faculty of Tourism and Geography team is made up of professionals with recognized careers in both teaching and research, it has specialized materials and the know-how necessary to fully convey the diversity of knowledge included in the study programme.

5. Innovation = Quality

At the Faculty of Tourism and Geography we are committed to quality, and that is why we apply innovation and continuous improvement programmes. This ensures that teaching and research is tailored to the demands of society and anticipates future needs.

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  • “The future has your name on it" 

  • The future has the name on it of all the students who are training in Tourism and Geography. The world has entered a dynamic of permanent change and the challenge of making it more sustainable specifically involves these two areas of knowledge. The size of Campus Vila-seca, the lecturers' experience in research and teaching, and the campus' specialized environment bring together the best conditions for training in these areas and constructing a new vision of the world. The future has the name of the next generation of Tourism and Geography professionals. And it has your name on it too.
  • Òscar Saladié
  • Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Geography