Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Quality policy


The URV has developed a generic internal quality assurance system (SIGQ) for all its schools and faculties. Although this system is generic to every URV school, faculty and programme, it can be customised by incorporating the most characteristic features of each school or faculty. The system is based on a continuous improvement cycle consisting of planning, implementing, evaluating or reviewing, and then acting accordingly, thereby improving the quality of university education.
The Faculty of Tourism and Geography (FTG) has helped to create the generic SIGQ for all URV schools and faculties by taking part in both the pilot study and the working group that drew up the model.
The FTG has also drafted a specific quality policy for the Faculty based on the SIGQ as a sign of its commitment to the quality of the services it provides for its students, teaching staff, researchers, and administration and services personnel.


The Faculty of Tourism and Geography (FTG) was created with the vocation to become a reference institution in the field of knowledge creation and transfer. Its mission is to promote an innovative educational environment, ensure that its educational programmes are useful for the employers of its graduates, and remain committed to the human and professional development of its students. The FTG has always programmed official studies in Tourism at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In the 2009-10 academic year, the FTG also incorporated studies in the field of Geography and Spatial Planning, to which it applies the same innovative, efficient and committed criteria for both students and society at large.


The FTG intends to become an international reference centre for the professional development and improvement - through education - of the quality of tourism and leisure activities and, since the 2009-10 academic year, of planning and territorial management activities. In this way it aims to contribute significantly to strengthening leadership in the tourism sector in Catalonia and Tarragona and to generating mechanisms for improving the implementation of economic activities in the region.


The basic values advocated by the FTG's management to achieve this vision are:


FTG quality policy will be governed by the following principles: